Artist — Series 4 — David Lee

Series 4

David Lee


David Lee credits art for bringing about the brightest moments of his life growing up in L.A., as well as with helping him get through some of the darkest moments. He got his start in graphic design by doodling daily in middle school because it helped him retain information being delivered in class. He then took an interest in graffiti art and started focusing on type, practicing different fonts like cursive, block letters, and bubble letters in class. It was around this time that his mentor told him about Inner-City Arts offering free classes for students in the Los Angeles area and he has been attending classes there ever since.

Features / Honors:

  • Inner-City Arts, “My LA,” 2012

Art has taught me to just go with the flow, and with that it has helped me get over a lot of things and to just keep pushing forward.

David Lee