Artist — Series 10 — Dawn Okoro

Series 10

Dawn Okoro


Dawn Okoro is a Nigerian American artist who lives and works in Austin, Texas. Her work is informed by the composition techniques used in fashion photography. Using oil, acrylic, and pencil, she incorporates photography, collage, and ideas from punk and popular culture. Her artwork embodies space, movement, pattern, design, texture, and color; as well as lived experiences and self-reflexivity. Self-reflexivity is a process by which she critically examines the experiences (exterior and interior) that shape her everyday life and those that surround her.


  • Texas Biennial
  • MoCADA Museum
  • George Washington Carver Museum
  • Artist in Residence at The Contemporary Austin

When people see Roshi they say they see joy. I think that’s right – I want people to see joy and see happiness and see a black person simply living in the mundane and just being.

Dawn Okoro