Artist — Series 3 — Ghazaleh Khalifeh

Series 3

Ghazaleh Khalifeh


Ghazaleh Khalifeh is a textile designer who holds an MFA in textile design and a BFA in fashion design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her style focuses on reviving artisanal traditions and cross-collaborations while staying true to the bespoke manufacturing process. Her professional experience includes a design internship at Diane Von Furstenberg, while her works – including an illustrated homage to Yves Saint Laurent – have been exhibited at iconic locations throughout the world, including City Hall of Paris, Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week and BASE Milano in Italy.


  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Lincoln Center, New York City
  • FuoriSalone Milan Design Week, BASE Milano, Italy
  • DeYoung Museum, San Francisco

The wildness and chaos of the markets always then lead to a very tranquil and meditative process.

Ghazaleh Khalifeh