Artist — Series 1 — MOMO

Series 1



MOMO is an artist working in public spaces with homemade tools. His current interests lie with an evolving range of adapted masonry techniques to draft, design, and organize wall murals. Born in San Francisco in 1974, MOMO has travelled most of his life, lived in New York for six years and currently keeps a studio in New Orleans. The artist has been commissioned for murals by the New York DOT, the John Hancock Tower in Boston, the new Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art in Brussels and a double façade 5 story printed vinyl mural in Manhattan produced by Art Production Fund NY.

Exhibitions / Commissions:

  • City Lights, MIMA, Brussels, Belgium 2016
  • Wilderness, Delimbo, Seville, Spain 2016
  • City of Sydney commissioned mural, Sydney, Australia 2016

I approached the bottle as a unique platform for publishing work.