Canvas for Change

LIFEWTR believes art is as essential to life as water. So we’re bringing awareness to the importance of arts education by completing 60 public art projects in communities nationwide. Follow our progress on the map!


The Miami Project was the very first LIFEWTR public art project this year. Artwork used to cover the walls of this local elementary school—that is, before necessary construction and repairs meant they were painted over. Through this project, local artists Alex Mijares, Jessy Nite, Courtney and Courtney Einhorn, along with LIFEWTR Series Artist Adrienne Gaither, brought new artwork and vibrancy back to these school walls—much to the happy surprise of the students.

“Art really gets your creative side out so you can express yourself”

Courtney Einhorn


This installation along Highway 71, spanning between Austin and Houston, TX, surprised local drivers with a transformation of barns. The barns, created by local artists Jason Earthly, Ana Marietta, Joerael Numina, and Zuzu Perkal, provide unique takes on current infrastructure: finding inspiration in everything from butterflies, to sea life, to true Texas grit.

“We are here to reach them one class at a time, one student at a time and one canvas at a time”

Jason Eatherly


LIFEWTR continued the journey in Chicago with four mural projects at a local Chicago high school. Artists Kane One, Merlot, Ascend One, and CZR PZR created inspirational walls outside the school and at a local community center to celebrate all that is unique to the city of Chicago.

“I do believe that art is one of the easiest ways to connect with someone else”

Kane One


LIFEWTR took its project to a local community center outside of Boston, where local artists Destiny Palmer, Cedric Douglas, Sophy Tuttle, and Chris Piascik brought birds, whales, abstract art, and even a bulldog or two to the Community Center—to the delight of Center members and the surrounding community. 

“It allows communities to be open to new possibilities”

Destiny Palmer

Los Angeles

Continuing our nationwide efforts to infuse creativity in schools, LIFEWTR brought our community beautification project to 15 schools in Los Angeles. Throughout the city, a team of local artists - Edward “SCAPE” Martinez, Monica Canilao, Glorial Muriel, Cohort Collective, Ivan Preciado, and Sean Keany – along with our LIFEWTR artists – Lilian Martinez, Tofer Chin, and Sarah Zapata – served up daily doses of creative inspiration to students with their vivid and motivational murals.

To celebrate the completion of the LIFEWTR murals and demonstrate the power of art to help us see the world differently, LIFEWTR partnered with celebrity superstar, Dascha Polanco to surprise the senior class of John F. Kennedy High School with reimagined senior portraits, custom-made by local artists Cassie Zhang, Edward “Scape” Martinez, Ivan Preciado, Eleazor Mora, and Sean Keany. Together with LIFEWTR, these artists helped us create the world’s most unique yearbook photos, proving that inspiration can be found almost anywhere – even in the oldest traditions!

“If a student walks by [the mural] and it sparks some sort of inspiration, then I’ve done my job.”

Tofer Chin


LIFEWTR then traveled to Baltimore, where we surprised more than 600 students at Benjamin Franklin High School with an art-inspired transformation. Local Maryland artists Ernest Shaw, Megan Lewis, Gaia, and Nether painted unique and vibrant murals that highlighted the power of arts education to inspire creativity in our everyday.

“When you walk into something that’s beautiful, it sets a tone for learning…for cherishing where you are and taking pride in your school”

Chris Battiglia

Grand Rapids

Next, LIFEWTR headed to Grand Rapids, where we teamed up with local artists Brian Lacey, Louise “Ouizi” Jones, and Ndubisi Okoye, to bring colorful splashes to the walls of several community centers and even a mobile café across the Third Ward.

“[Art] transforms the way we see and interact with the world around us and even gives us the ability to approach real world issues in creative new ways.”

Ndubisi Okoye


LIFEWTR continued its journey to Stanton High School, which was hand-picked by fans. Local Nebraska Artists Justin Queal, Rebecca Harrison, Josh Arias, and Spencher Pacheco designed beautiful works of art, all inspired in part by the tremendous school spirit of Stanton High and the surrounding community.

“Creativity is more important than it ever has been in our world”

Justin Queal


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Houston PT.2

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