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Introducing Series 12
by Michela Picchi

Current Series

Series 12


Series 12

True Colors

Art By Michela Picchi

The eagerness for expression has never been more important. By following our passions, we can show just how beautiful being our true self is. LIFEWTR is showcasing colorful work that embraces individuality and expression through our LIFEWTR Series 12 bottles: True Colors. True Colors will celebrate creators who express themselves through doing what they love - to inspire everyone to get out into the world and express themselves in ways that are uniquely them. LIFEWTR commissioned cross-disciplinary artist, Michaela Picchi, for three Series 12 bottle designs: Pop Springs, Tiger Rising, and Cosmic Dreams.

Past Series

Life Unseen

Explore Series 11

Life Unseen

LIFEWTR believes creativity should flow like water, one single drop can ripple through culture and inspire a million others to create. Today, three out of four American’s don’t see themselves represented in the arts. Too many artists go unseen and it’s time for change. That’s why LIFEWTR is opening the floodgates of creativity for everyone with LIFE UNSEEN.

In partnership with Issa Rae, we’ve found the 20 most incredible yet unseen creators in America and commissioned one piece of work about a story they believe needs to be told. Join our movement to make unseen artists seen.



LIFEWTR Immune Support

Immune Supporting. Great Tasting. Always Hydrating.

Introducing LIFEWTR Immune Support, a new water beverage with 10% the daily value of Zinc to help support healthy immune function, fuels creativity. With a good source of Zinc to help support Immune function, LIFEWTR Immune Support not only helps protect the body but provides great-tasting hydration.

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Series 10:

Black Art Rising

Black creative voices in the arts are critically underrepresented. Throughout history, Black creators have shown us and continue to convey the profound power of their art, often using it as a vehicle to showcase the vital perspectives on systemic racism and the black experience.

LIFEWTR “Black Art Rising” series will bring that very celebration of the Black experience and creative expression to the forefront. This series will spotlight Black artists from diverse backgrounds and their creations that are inspired by urban impressions, lived experiences, and Black identity.

This is an extension of the LIFEWTR Black Art Rising time capsule, a digital immortalization of the arts of seven Black creatives and their art in hopes to showcase the powerful impact that Black protest art has on the movement to tackle systemic racism and injustice against the Black community.

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Series 9:

The Art of Recycling

Preserving our environment and resources is more important than ever, yet awareness doesn’t always translate into action. Art has the power to engage the public and inspire action at scale.

LIFEWTR ‘The Art of Recycling’ Series, will bring recycling efforts into the public knowledge, dialogue, and action. This series will celebrate artists whose practices focus on upcycling, ecologic materials, and green processes, and who in turn inspire their audiences to reimagine how we live and interact with our environment.

This will mark LIFEWTR’s commitment to recycling by becoming the 1st US premium water to be 100% recyclable and be made out of 100% rPET by the end of 2020.

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Series 8:

Unconventional Canvas

Access to Art is proven to improve quality of life in communities but not everyone has equal access to the arts.

LIFEWTR ‘Unconventional Canvas’ Series, in partnership with Frieze, will champion equal access to arts. The Series will shine a light on artists who explore underlooked materials, subjects and locations to take the opportunity to bring art outside of traditional venues and reach out to new audiences.

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Series 7:

Art Through Technology

Technology is infiltrating our lives on all levels and in all fields. In today’s world, emerging digital technologies expand the meaning of art. A new generation of tech-savvy artists are harnessing tools like coding, data visualization, 3D printing and enhanced reality. 

LIFEWTR is showcasing emerging artists that embrace these new technologies and are breaking codes using both the left and right sides of their brains through our
LIFEWTR Series 7 bottles: “Art Through Technology”

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Series 6:

Diversity in Design

LIFEWTR Series 6 showcases how art can bring diverse perspectives together to enhance our collective cultural experience. The Diversity in Design Series highlights three designers whose creative work boldly expresses their personal experiences to impact the fashion community and break-through as standout talent.

LIFEWTR New York Fashion Week Showcase

Astounding, inspiring and nerve-wracking. Watch our Series 6 bottle artists (emerging fashion designers Ji Won Choi, Jamall Osterholm, and Daniel Cloke) as they cut, hem and prepare their new collections for New York Fashion Week!

LIFEWTR New York Fashion Week Showcase

Astounding, inspiring and nerve-wracking. Watch our Series 6 bottle artists (emerging fashion designers Ji Won Choi, Jamall Osterholm, and Daniel Cloke) as they cut, hem and prepare their new collections for New York Fashion Week!